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Solignum Woodworm Killer

Solignum Norusto


Ionolac Gloss Paint

Norusto bituminous paints and water proofing are black bituminous solutio ns in white spirit. They retain their waterproofing qualities under all climatic conditions and are little affected by acid fumes, salt water, sea air or alkalinity. On exposure to normal weathering they will lose their initial gloss and are not intended for decorative finishes.

Norusto Standard Black

A general purpose inexpensive bituminous solution for application to a w ide variety of metal surfaces such as zinc or lead roofs and for rain water gutter interiors and down pi pes. Forms a waterproof bond over render, cement, brick, stone, concrete, wood or metal. Suitable as a top dressing f or asphalt surface and for renovating bitumen roofing felt (Norusto Standard Black is unsuitable for use in c ontact with drinking water).

Norusto Tank Black

Specially prepared for coating the inside of fresh water cold storag e tanks. Norusto Tank Black must be applied to hot water tanks. It is tasteless and odourless when dry an d will not affect the water in any way. Once dry it is safe and will protect the metal against corrosion. T ank Black will normally dry within 48 hours and once dry may be recoated. When the second coat is fully dry, fill th e tank with water and drain after 4 hours. Repeat filling and draining (if necessary) until any oily film and bitumen/solvent odour has gone.