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Slognum End Coat

Clear Water Repellent


Clear silicone water repellent for timber decking and masonry.

Solignum Clear Water Repellent is a colourless treatment for interior and exterior application. It is designed to control lateral penetrating damp (but not rising damp) by the formation of a water repellent surface on the treated material. The product is vapour permeable which prevents the timber from drying out. After treatment, the substrate is protected from the elements, frost, spalling and dirt. Clear water repellent also inhibits the growth of mould, lichen and moss.

Intended Uses

Solignum Clear Water Repellent can be used on porous surfaces including existing decking timber, garden furniture, fences, masonry, bricks, concrete, stone, plaster, asbestos, rendering, cement, tiles and roofs. The product should not be used on fresh cement or lime mortars


1 litre per 4-5m² on dense surfaces

1 litre per 2m² on porous surfaces

Pack Sizes 5ltrs, 25ltrs..