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Solignum Woodworm Killer

Solignum Ionolac


Ionolac Gloss Paint

A gloss paint which gives excellent durability and protection to metal, wood and other surfaces.

Ionolac Gloss Paint is equally suitable for internal and external applications.

It may be applied over existing paint and is available in a range of colours which can be intermixed to produce a preferred shade.

On bare metal the use of Ionolac Metallic Primer is recommended prior to the application of Ionolac Gloss Paint.

Ionolac Metallic Primer

For use on prepared metal surfaces (not newly galvanised) prior to the application of Ionolac Gloss Paint.

Ionolac Aluminium Paint

General-purpose paint for all types of metal work. It has excellent reflective qualities and is heat resistant up to 200C. Normally, it does not require a primer.

Fentex 2000 is a coloured, water repellent, decorative treatment, developed to enhance the colour of garden woodwork, and to retouch fencing panels treated with industrial Protim Solignum Fentex products a used by leading fencing manufacturers.

Fentex is easy to apply by brush and once dry, is safe for all animals and plants. It is available in 5 colours.

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Protim Solignum Ltd Fieldhouse Lane, Marlow Buckinghamshire SL7 1LS United Kingdom.

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+44 (0)1628 486644 or (Sales) 484810


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Company Information

At Solignum we work with our customer to develop solutions for their problems with regards to the protection and preserving of wood.


Our Products

Our products have been designed for easy application and for minimum maintenance ensuring that the beauty of wood is expertly preserved for a very long time.